Swiss Prime Site and START Global commence 2018 with a newly forged strategic partnership for START Summit and Hack 2018

St.Gallen, Switzerland, February 2018 – START Global was able to win an imperative partner, Switzerland’s largest real estate company: Swiss Prime Site with a portfolio worth more than 10 Billion Swiss Francs. Swiss Prime Site is the strongest supporter of both START Hack and START Summit taking place in St. Gallen on the 23rd -25th of February and the 15th-16th of March, respectively. They support the startup ecosystem by integrating their resources into the annual platform that START provides for students, founders, startups, investors, and corporates.

Since START is focusing on positioning partners more effectively, the focus is on a smaller, more selective range of corporates. This is done with the intention to build long-lasting and impactful relationships supporting the initiative on a strategic level. Moreover, START aims to connect the participants and startups from Hack and Summit more effectively with the corporate and their market knowledge. Not only is the partnership based on financial means but by providing a Hack case with the startup Tower360, a showcase and a workshop in the area of PropTech during START Summit, Swiss Prime Site adds know-how and knowledge to this year’s conference. Namely, their support of developing a smart communication and alarm system (CARU) will be presented. Through their partnership with START, they will gain additional access to developers and new technologies. All in all, they will be positioned on the very top of Switzerland’s digital ecosystem, and they prove the impact of technological developments on corporates.

Through several collaborations, Swiss Prime Site has proven to be interested to not only be a part of Switzerland’s digital ecosystem but to actively build and develop it. A few years back their acquisition of NZZ’s former printing plant was a first step towards becoming a center for education and innovation; for instance, creating co-working and startup spaces. In the end of 2017, Swiss Prime Site announced new cooperation’s with digital developers who build new real estate applications using cutting-edge as well as emerging technologies. Additionally, contacts to the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St.Gallen demonstrate the long-term intention to foster the startup scene. The cooperation with START is the next step to expand their commitment to the digital future of Switzerland.

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