Your intellectual property is a valuable financial asset

Start-ups are innovative, dynamic, full of energy – and they display courage. It would be a real shame if they inadvertently put the brakes on their own journey to success by neglecting to protect their innovation. As we know, good ideas are quickly copied.

Therefore, start-ups should inform themselves at an early stage about protecting their intellectual property. This includes trade marks, patents and designs. Whoever takes care of these IP rights is at an advantage. By protecting their innovation, companies acquire a financial asset and derive economic benefits. This is why a start-up with a patent, for example, is more attractive to inventors.

Where you can find out information

The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) is the point of contact for all matters relating to trade marks, patents, designs, geographical indications and copyright. Our services:

  • All about intellectual property: SME portal
  • Inventions under the microscope: Assisted Patent Searches
  • Tailor-made courses: practical knowledge from our experts
  • First point of call for questions: our Contact Center 031 377 77 77 

Remember – your innovation is valuable intellectual capital and, with IP rights, you can gain a competitive edge.